Thursday, 23rd May, 2019


From the desk of Chairperson

The Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the Regulatory Commissions to manage the power sector efficiently and effectively. The Act has entrusted the Regulatory Commissions with, in addition to tariff fixation, responsibilities to create an environment beneficial growth of the power sector as well as to safeguard the interests of the consumers. The state commission ensures transparency while exercising its powers and discharging its functions.

WBERC aims to balance the interests of licensees/utilities and that of consumers by introducing a proactive, forward-looking, transparent and effective regulatory framework. The commission has made significant contributions in growth and transformation of the power sector in West Bengal, thereby achieving the twin objectives of ensuring reasonable return to investors and at the same time protecting the interests of consumers. 

WBERC puts tremendous focus on issues of consumer grievance redressal and adjudicate upon the disputes between licensees and generating companies and refer disputes for arbitration. As per the provisions of the Act, Ombudsmen have been appointed. WBERC ensures that all the distribution utilities have established Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums and grievances are addressed in timely and consumer friendly manner.

WBERC advises the State Government on promotion of competition, efficiency, investment and economy in activities of the Electricity Industry. WBERC has established State Advisory Committee, Expert Committee and Coordination Forum. Meetings are held to discuss various issues at regular intervals. 

To improve the work process and to expedite it, the Commission has taken initiatives by introducing E-office, the digital workplace solution provided by NIC.


Dynamic web-portal has been launched with facilities of on-line grievance lodging system and on-line document submission system for utilities/licensees

To enhance the Commissions core business process work has been started for development of Electricity Regulatory Management System (ERMS).

As per Act, WBERC acts to promote cogeneration and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy. WBERC takes all efforts to ensure an overall rapid and sustainable development of renewable energy by updating a comprehensive tariff and regulatory framework in respect of solar, wind, biomass and biogas based power projects and ensuring proper implementation of regulations made in this regard.

WBERC believes that quality power is the ultimate requirement of the consumers. So, WBERC is committed to promote consumer awareness and their empowerment. Further, WBERC is committed to provide ‘clean electricity’ to consumers optimizing all the resources. WBERC acts to ensure hassle free access to power for the consumers through regular assessment of compliance and enforcement of its orders and regulations.


The Commission has taken various initiatives towards loss reduction of the licensees by engaging M/s Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) for conducting feasibility study for reduction of losses. The Commission has also engaged M/s CUTS International (Consumer Unity & Trust Society) to conduct consumer awareness programme for improvement of overall standard of performance in the Distribution sector in two districts of West Bengal.

The Commission in consultation with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has made LED Tube-lights and Bulbs available through Distribution Licensee for all consumers at a reasonable rate for reduction in evening peak power consumption and electricity bill.

The Commission has given special thrust for reduction of AT&C losses through technology intervention in addition to the other efforts being put by the licensees.


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