Sunday, 21st Apr, 2019


State Advisory Committee

 Members of West Bengal State Advisory Committee as on 18.09.2018



Sl. No Name and Designation Contact by Designation Member
1.  Chairperson, WBERC ........................... Chairperson Ex-officio
2.  Member, WBERC ........................... Member -Do-
3.  Shri Durgadas Goswami, Member, WBERC Member -Do-
4. The Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal,

Member Institutional Consumer
5. The Secretary Department of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of West Bengal Member Institutional Commerce & Industry
6. The Secretary, Department of Labour, Govt. of West Bengal,

Member Institutional Labour
7. The Secretary, Department of Power & NES, Govt. of West Bengal Member Institutional Power & NES
8. Principal Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of West Bengal, Estab (Sectt.) Branch, Block-III, 2nd Floor, Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001 Member Institutional Agriculture
9. Sri Sanjit Biswas, President, ABECA 27A, Dhiren Dhar Sarani, Kolkata-700 012 2237-9908 (O), 2237-9908(F) Member Consumer & Non-Gov. Organisation
10. CMD, WBSEDCL Member Licensee
11. MD, WBSETCL Member -Do-
12. Member (Tech.), DVC Member -Do-
13. MD, DPL Member -Do-
14. Managing Director, CESC .   Member -Do-
15. CMD, WBPDCL Member -DO-
16. Mrs. Seema Gupta, Director(Opn.), PGCIL Member Power Transport
17. Sri Sunil Mitra, Expert Member Expert
18. Sri S K Roy, Director (Projects), NTPC Member Utility
19. Sri Joydev Bandopadhya, Member-Secy, ERPC Member Govt. Body
20. Sri Rakesh Nath Member Expert
21. Sri V. S. Verma Member Expert