Sl. No Notification No. Name of Rules Remarks
1. G.S.R. 379 (E) The Electricity Rules 2005 View More
2. G.S.R. 1 (E) The Intimation of Accidents (Form and Time of Service of Notice) Rules 2005 View More
3. G.S.R. 75 (E) The Forum of Regulators Rules 2005 View More
4. G.S.R. 188 (E) The Distribution of Electricity Licence Rules 2005 View More
5. G.S.R. 387 (E) The Electricity (Procedure for previous publication) Rules 2005 View More
6. G.S.R. 265 (E) The Appeal to the Appellate Authority Rules 2004 View More
7. G.S.R. 158 (E) The National Load Dispatch Centre Rules 2004 View More
8. G.S.R. 563 (E) The Procedure for Conducting Inquiry Against a Member of Appropriate Commission Rules 2004 View More
9. G.S.R. 371 (E) The Means of Delivery of Notice,Order or Document Rules 2004 View More
10. G.S.R. 260 (E) The appellate tribunal for electricity(form,verification and the fee for filing an appeal rules 2004 View More